Wabash Announces Beth Gillespie Retirement

October 5, 2023

On Thursday June 11th Beth Gillespie retired from her sixteen and half year enriched career as General Manager of Wabash MPI Carver. Thirty five years ago she began her adventure with the company in 1985 which included previous duties as company controller. She described her journey as exciting, challenging, educational and fun. One of her favorite quotes is from Korczak Zoilkowski (Crazy Horse Monument Sculptor) of whom she has a great deal of respect and admiration: Never forget your dreams. When dreams end there is no more greatness. In retirement, Beth is looking forward to spending time with friends, family and working on several philanthropic projects. One being the Lagro Canal Foundation endeavor and mission.

Bob Andress, President ACS Group- “Beth has been an excellent performer and teammate over the years. Under her leadership Wabash MPI Carver has enjoyed 3 record revenue years out of the past 5 and that performance was pivotal in paving the future towards even higher levels of achievement for the company.”

Wabash MPI presses are used in a variety of medical and general molding applications using elastomers, composite, gum silicone, thermoset and other materials. The Wabash MICROLIM hybrid servo-pneumatic press excels at Liquid Injection molding for medical applications. Standard hydraulic and pneumatic press sizes range from .5 – 1000 tons and platen sizes from 12” x 12” to 48” x 48”. Custom designed presses can be supplied to fit your molding needs.

Carver, Inc. presses are available in manual or automated versions in clamping capacities from 12 to 100 tons. The presses are suited for various materials research such as pharmaceuticals, drugs, silicone and other elastomers and for lab testing, laminating, oil extraction, sample preparation, pelletizing, splice molding, extrusion and forming.