Steel Platens
Steel Platens

Platen Options

For Many Applications

We offer several configurations and choices of platen control to meet the specific demands of your application.

Manual thermostat control – Basic heated platens are controlled by an integral sensor and individual manual thermostats.

Digital control – For more precise control, individual digital temperature controllers automatically control platen temperature from a separate control panel.

Manual cooling – Manual water cooling permits hand operated cooling of platens with monitoring by analog thermometers.

Note: All heaters are single phase unless otherwise noted.

Unheated Hardened Steel Platens – For smooth surface pressing which comes in 4 different sizes. See Reference Table below.


Platen Options - Table 1

For Presses Catalog Number/Model Platen Size (in) Heated Platens Thermostat Control Heated Platens Digital Control Heating/ Cooling Platens Thermostat Control Heating/ Cooling Platens Digital Control Cooling Platens
3393/MiniC 3850/Mini C 2086/Model C 3851/Model C 2112/150-C 4130/150-C 6 x 6 2101 (115V) aluminum 150 to 500° F 3796 steel to 650°F (115V) 2103.1 steel 150 to 500°F 3772 steel to 650°F with hoses (115V) 2104 aluminum with valve and hose assemblies
2102.1 (115V) steel 150 to 500° F
3988 steel to 650°F with hoses (230V) 4286 steel to 650°F (230V) 3988 steel to 650°F with hoses (230V)
2089/Model M3853/Model M 9x 9 2107.1 (115V) steel 150 to 500°F 3973 steel to 650°F (230V) 2108.1 steel 150 to 500°F 3972 steel to 650°F with hoses (230V)  
2109 steel, cored for steam heat
2114/154-M4131/154-M 9x 12 2644 aluminum 150 to 500°F       2645 aluminum, with valve and hoses assembles
All four-column presses 12x12    3906 steel to 650°F (230V)    3749 steel to 650°F with hose assemblies (230V)   
NOTE: 230V option available on selected above platen kits.
Temperature reading in deg C also available upon request.
Temperature Calibration available for digitally controlled platens. Part# 1525.00003
High Temperature Platen Presses are available. Click here for details.
(CE / CUL Available for Digital Controls Only)

Platen Options - Table 2

Hardened Steel Platens
For Presses Catalog Number/Model Platen Size (in) Unheated Platens
3850 (3393) Mini C 3851 (2086) Model C 6" x 6" 5023 Set of (2) Hardened Steel Platens
3853 (2089) Model M 9" x 9" 5024 Set of (2) Hardened Steel Platens
Four-column presses 12" x 12" 5151 Set of (2) Hardened Steel Platens
15" x 15" 15" x 15" 6308 Set of (2) Hardened Steel Platens
Recommended for smooth surface pressing

Platen Options - Table 3

Digital Control Assemblies for Existing Hotplates
Catalog Number Description
3984 For 6" x 6" work areas, 230 volt
4490 For 6" x 6" work areas, 115 volt
4578 For 9 " x 9" work areas, 230 volt
4609 For 12 " x 12 " work areas, 230 volt
Dial Face Thermometers
385001 Dial face thermometer 150°F to 750°F
385019 Dial face thermometer 50°C to 400°C