Manual Transfer Press
Manual Transfer Press

Manual Transfer Presses

Based on Industry Standard Model C
  • 12 Ton Clamping Force
  • 1000 Pound Transfer Force
  • 6″ X 6″ Heated Platens
  • Electric Cartridge Heaters
  • Digital Heat Control
  • Two Hand Anti-Tie Down Operation of Transfer Cylinder
  • Safety Shields for Clamp and Transfer Areas

Calibration Options Available

Force calibration (p/n 1525.00001) by instruments traceable to NIST are available for new equipment and new gauges. Temperature calibration (p/n 1525.00003) also available for new equipment. For existing equipment/gauges, please contact our Service Department to set up a Return Authorization Number by calling 260-233-6900 or email for details.

Bench Top Manual Transfer - 1

Clamp Section
Cylinder Type: Manual / Hydraulic
Force: 12 tons
Platens: (350°F) 6” x 6” heated
Daylight: 6"
Stroke: 5.1”

Bench Top Manual Transfer - 2

Transfer Section
Cylinder Type: Two Hand Anti-Tie Down Operation / Pneumatic
Force: 1000 pounds
Shot Size: 7cc
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