Motor Pak 2 Kit
Motor Pak 2 Kit

Convert Manual Presses to Automatic with Motor Pak™ Power Units

Convert hand operated presses to automatic operation with Motor Pak™ power units. Carver Motor Pak power units include electronic speed control and two-hand “anti-tie-down” buttons for operator protection on two different designs. A standard Motor Pak and a Time & Pressure Release Motor Pak. They both have 1/2 hp D.C. permanent magnet motor, two-stage hydraulic pump. Pre-selected force setting is maintained automatically. Externally adjustable Solid-state motor speed control. External control valve and internal relief valve. Connecting hoses with an array of fittings and hardware also included. The Time & Pressure Motor Pak also comes with a digital timer and automatic pressure release operating valve. Please specify voltage, model and serial number of existing press when ordering.

Motor Paks Table

Catalog Number Model Capacity (tons)
2759 Standard MotorPak Specify Model and Serial Number of existing manual press
2822 Time & Pressure Release Specify Model and Serial Number of existing manual press
Approximate Dimensions: 22" x 8.5" x 24"    Weight: 135 lbs

Specify 115 or 230 volt (single phase)