Woman checking plastic bottles on conveyer belt

Plastics remain one of the world’s most valuable manufacturing materials — and Carver presses ensure those plastics perform exactly as desired in some of the most demanding applications ever, from aerospace and automotive components to medical devices and more.

Researchers and brand owners worldwide rely on Carver’s extensive portfolio of plastic testing accessories — for instance, tile molds for pressing flat samples of plastics. Our ASTM presses are purpose-built for exacting tests to meet the rigorous material performance standards set forth by the American Society for Testing and Materials.

Carver has developed three presses specially configured to perform the compression molding of test plaque or bar specimens of Type I, II, III or IV polyethylene and other thermoplastic resins. The procedure is in conformance with ASTM Method D 4703, Procedure C. The presses are equipped with heating/cooling platens and a programmable digital controller which has a heating/cooling loop for each platen and built-in program for the required 15°/minute ±2°C cooling rate.