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New 48 ton model Auto Series press.

Carver, Inc. will be featuring its Auto Series Plus automatic hydraulic laboratory press at Pittcon 2019 in Booth No. 3936 from March 17 to March 21 in Philadelphia, PA. The Auto Series Plus features a large 7” color operator interface, enhanced platen temperature control and auto-tuning, ramp heating capability, real-time trending of force and temperature and seven-day timer for auto heat-up. Other features include storage of up to 250 recipes, recipe preview and optional data logging for cycle parameters.

Auto Series Plus press models are available with 15 to 48 tons of clamping force and 6" x 6" to 19” x 19” platens. These benchtop presses are used in quality control and research and development for test sample preparations, destructive testing, molding, laminating and fluid extraction.

Carver is a leading manufacturer and supplier of standard and custom hydraulic presses for laboratory applications such as pelletizing, lab testing, pharmaceuticals, liquid extraction, cell disruption, laminating, specimen preparation and other applications. Carver’s full line of two-column and four column benchtop, floor standing, manual, automatic, pneumatic and hydraulic presses offer clamping capacities from .5 to 150 tons. Carver also offers a wide variety of laboratory accessories for applications in IR, XRF, pharmaceutical, oil extraction, proppant crush testing, color dispersion and more.