New PNP Series Pneumatic Presses from Wabash/Carver

November 14, 2023

Wabash MPI and Carver, Inc. have announced a new line of pneumatic presses for a wide variety of applications. The PNP Series. Standard models in .5-, 2- and 5-ton capacities and feature table-top, four-post construction. Maximum operating temperature is 500F.

Other standard features include low-friction seals and bearings, infinite-life framework, interchangeable cylinders along with 90 PSIG design pressure and five-micron particulate air filters. Optional features range from CE and cleanroom designs to platen cooling, heat tubes, 800F operation among others. These presses excel in many applications including composites molding, laminating, rubber molding, plastics testing, fluid/resin extraction, destructive testing, bonding, cell disruption, and sample preparation.

Carver, Inc. also offers two-column and four-column benchtop, manual and automatic hydraulic laboratory presses. Sister-company Wabash MPI offers standard and custom hydraulic presses for production and laboratory environments.