For more than 100 years, Carver presses have served at the front line of material and technology innovation. From aerospace and automotive applications to medical and military breakthroughs, chances are good that a Carver press was used in the lab or R&D center that gave birth to a major industry advance. Carver presses are a trusted, reliable partner — always there when you need them, and performing with the utmost precision when it counts the most.

So many applications have been developed with the aid of Carver presses that many of our customers come to us asking for the same type of press they first acquired in 1950!
For decades, we have endeavored to maintain the core characteristics of our presses so the wealth of accessories we provide — including molds, dies, test cylinders and platen packages — are still relevant with today’s presses. For instance, our highly popular Model C press isn’t that much different from the one we’ve sold for 80 years – you can expect the same quality from the Carver brand today.

Carver laboratory presses are manufactured to be highly precise and durable. A heavy-duty hydraulic system, iron bolsters and high tensile steel tie rods will guarantee many years of service.

Carver presses proudly serve on the benchtops of the largest national labs in the U.S. and around the world to the most recognized brand owners in industry after industry, dependably performing the rigorous, precise testing that moves science and technology forward. Because Carver and Wabash presses share DNA, many of our customers perform nearly the same operations on the smaller Carver lab scale, and larger production with the Wabash presses.

Manual or automatic, hydraulic or pneumatic, heated or unheated — there is a Carver press ideal for your application,  available with clamping force up to 100 tons and platen temperatures up to 1,000 degrees F.