How Mainstay Manufacturing Equipment Made Its Way Into The Medical Lab

October 10, 2023

Machine presses are commonplace in nearly every niche of manufacturing. Techniques associated with presses are wide-ranging and vary almost as much as their applications. But they all share one thing in common: presses enable the manufacturing of components via the application of pressure. In processes such as laminating, molding and extrusion, presses can be put to use to form a range of materials, primarily rubber and plastics. Ubiquitous in the manufacturing of aerospace and automotive components, a press would be out of place in a medical laboratory, right? The match may not seem like one made in heaven but in recent years, presses have made their way into medical labs, where they provide an effective way to produce cellular scaffolds on which to grow tissues to transplantation. Let’s take a quick look at this new application area, as well as two tried-and-true industries in which presses have been instrumental over the years.

Laboratory press manufacturers, such as Carver, Inc., boast a myriad of instrument solutions to fit a variety of industries, applications, sizes, options and features. With industries increasingly turning to presses, custom-made presses and accessories have become a popular option to ensure exact specifications.

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