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Press Leaders

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Compression and Transfer Molding Equipment

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Glossary Terms Q-R
Used in the Compression, Lamination and Transfer Molding Process


The product resulting from the treatment of scrap vulcanized rubber in various operations. It is generally used as an extender or processing aid in natural rubber and SBR compounds, rather than by itself.


A tank mounted on the machine to hold hydraulic oil or heating/cooling fluid.


A deterioration of physical properties that may occur upon excessive vulcanization of some elastomer, evidenced by a decrease in hardness and tensile strength, and an increase in elongation.


A laboratory instrument that evaluates the cure characteristics of a polymer formulation by twisting a disc against a rubber sample for a time while the sample is being heated and cured. The change in torque over time to twist the disc is measured.


Polymer that has high degree of reverse extensibility and generally low strength. Can often be stretched 400 to 500 times its original dimension without breaking.


Material connecting the main sprue to the actual part cavities.