Carver presses are on the vanguard in the global quest for more sustainable forms of energy for consumer, industrial and transportation purposes.

  • Hydrogen fuel cells: PEM cells — known either as polymer electrolyte membrane or proton exchange membrane cells —are seen as a powerful alternative to traditional combustion energy. For more than a decade, Carver presses have been instrumental in testing material lamination for those membranes, and we are proud partners with industry-leading energy innovators around the world.
  • EV batteries: Pelletizing operations are a significant step in developing new materials for the most cutting-edge electric vehicle batteries on the market.
  • Oil and gas: Carver’s proppant crush test presses are used for testing the strength of sand used to hold fissures open in hydraulic fracturing wells. If sand breaks down, gas cannot be extracted from shale rock. Our customers test proppant sand by pressing it, then putting it through a sieve to determine how much it breaks down. Our proppant crush presses are compatible with ISO 13503-2:2006.