Academic Professor

Before the most cutting-edge manufacturing materials become commonplace, they are often developed by leading laboratories and universities using Carver presses. Our hand-operated benchtop presses can be easily automated with our AutoPak power units. Carver Model C presses alone are in use in more laboratories than any other press.

In fact, Carver is a member of the IACMI – The Composites Institute, which drives innovation in advanced composites through networking, collaboration and workforce development.

The world’s leading researchers use Carver presses for:

  • Materials research: ceramics, composites, construction materials, cosmetics, drugs, pharmaceuticals, powder metals, printed circuit boards, rubber, silicone and other elastomers, soil, thermoplastic resins and thermosets
  • Quality and performance testing of physical properties: compression strength, flexural strength, shear strength, flow and color dispersion
  • Laboratory testing: ASTM test plaque or bar molds for polyethylene and polypropylene
  • Other applications: composite molding, compression molding, crushing, laminat- ing, encapsulation, extrusion, forming, insert pressing, producing KBr pellets for infrared (IR) spectroscopy, metal forming (dimpling), insert molding, oil extraction, pelletizing, specimen preparation, splice molding.