Our Core Presses

For over 100 years, Carver hydraulic lab presses have set the standard for laboratories around the world.

Carver, Inc. Company Profile

The International Standard in Laboratory Presses

Carver, Inc. offers a diverse range of presses with clamping capacities ranging from 12 to 100 tons, available in both manual and automated configurations. These presses are exceptionally versatile, making them ideal for a wide array of materials research applications, including pharmaceuticals, drugs, silicone, and other elastomers, and for lab testing, laminating, oil extraction, sample preparation, pelletizing, splice molding, extrusion and forming.

Our Story

Old Carver Press

Since 1912, Carver hydraulic presses have been the standard for laboratories around the world. Carver Model C presses alone are in use in more laboratories than any other press. The current Carver line has been expanded and improved with more sizes, options, features, and quality performance than any other line of presses.



Carver Custom Press

In addition to the models shown on this web site, Carver designs and manufactures a wide variety of custom made presses and accessories to suit your specific application. Please consult the factory for any equipment not specifically listed on this site.